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For your visa application: invitation letters for exhibitors of MedtecLIVE with T4M

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For your visa application: invitation letters for exhibitors

You can find out which nationalities require a visa for travel to Germany at the Federal Foreign Office..

Accompanying documents for the visa application

Since July 2013, it has generally been possible to dispense with an invitation letter from the exhibition company in the event of an application for a visa for the purpose of participation in an exhibition. If you still require an invitation letter, please complete our form below.

If you have further questions relating to your participation in the exhibition, the international representatives of MedtecLIVE with T4Min your country are at your disposal.

Invitation Letter - Form

The invitation letter is automatically generated. Please fill in your data according to your official documents.

Please note: NürnbergMesse acts in the name and on behalf of MedtecLIVE GmbH. The following information also applies to exhibitions and events of MedtecLIVE GmbH.

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Please note that the processing time takes 5 working days.

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